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“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”

-Frank Gehry


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Gwen design - Condo_elevator_lobby_dark_navy_onix_wrap_led_liting.png

Our team understands the importance of time and budget for our clients. We provide professional design services, adjusting to your budget and delivering the results you envision. We remain present on-site, ensuring projects progress as scheduled. Our approach involves functional space planning and providing 3D designs before initiating any project. We ensure our clients comprehend every aspect of the proposed design before proceeding.

Our team simplifies the process for condominium boards by supplying all necessary specifications, plans, and drawings. We award all contracts to certified contractors with necessary certifications such as WSIB, Bonding, and Liability Insurance. Furthermore, we manage all project schedules and provide all payment certificates.

Our expertise includes:


Common Area Refurbishment:

Hallways, lobbies, foyers, security desks, guest suites, elevator lobbies, games rooms, media rooms, party rooms, gym, storages, lunch rooms, board rooms, management offices, terraces, change rooms.



3D colored designs, drawings, plans, permits, concept samples, mock-ups, regular site visits, and site meetings as required


Tender specification documents, material specifications, cad, renderings, bid forms, deficiency lists, walkthroughs, payment certifications, and order changes​

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